Womxn Empowerment photo series / by Rachel Tine

I have spent nearly all of my life caring deeply about social justice and the suffering of living beings. I spent three years trying to perfect a method for using photography to empower survivors and encourage positive social change, and two years ago I tested my method in my series “Invisible Fractures: The Enduring Trauma of Emotional Abuse,” sharing stories and images of people who had been severely emotional abused (http://www.racheltinephotography.com/invisiblefractures ). Now I find myself on the next leg of my journey, sharing the realities of womxn living in misogynistic cultures.

For my current series, I am photographing womxn in ways that express their own sexual/social empowerment or that express what it feels like to be subjected to misogynistic rules and expectations; the first two photos of the series are shared below. If you are a womxn able to travel to the Boston area, please don't hesitate to send me a message so that we can get to work on your photo; there is immense strength in numbers and in visual imagery, and with the extreme misogyny currently at play in the U.S. and globally, there is no time left for silence or inaction. I look forward to hopefully shooting with you soon. <3