I am a firm believer that natural, happy smiles are the most flattering and that people look and feel their best when they are genuinely comfortable and having a good time. I take a friendly, encouraging, one-on-one, laid back approach to my photo sessions, frequently encouraging clients to even dance to their favorite playlists to help relax during our shoots. In addition to providing a supportive and upbeat atmosphere, I also make sure that my clients are happy with the images throughout the shoot and the retouching process. I genuinely care about my clients and I go the extra mile to deliver beautiful images; check out what some of my clients have been saying about my services (and feel free to click through to see the original sources of the quotes): 


"Literally as good as it gets if you want a dedicated photographer who knows what she is doing, will add a gorgeous, stylish, creative eye to your photos, and is just a wonderful person to work with and be around. I don't yelp at all, but I needed to come on to sing the praises of this amazing woman!

My then-boyfriend and I were planning a pretty non-traditional wedding. We were planning an upcoming move across the country, and decided that we would use our going away party as an impromptu wedding ceremony (to avoid all the planning, cost, and headaches associated with a more traditional wedding). WE both hate having our picture taken, and couldn't really see ourselves doing any of the traditional wedding photos, but did want some cool documentation of the party (proof it happened more than anything else). So we were looking for someone in a reasonable price-range, who had a non-traditional/ creative eye, and would capture more of the mood of the event than the details. To me, this sounds like the nightmare of any professional -- "please do something creative and whimsical and non-traditional and don't get my bad side, and I can't tell you exactly what I want but figure it out plz thanks!"

IN STEPS RACHEL, WHO IS AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHIC ANGEL. We met at the venue the event was taking place (Shout out Oleana in Cambridge, you are my favorite restaurant/ people/ wedding venue ever!), and she promptly gave me a hug, listened to my word vomit of what we were thinking without even a single batted eye of judgement, gave me a ton of insight and recommendations on lighting, how she would approach the evening, etc, and then we downed two bottles of wine together and became friends (though the wine was of my doing -- Rachel is nothing but a consummate professional who makes everyone feel like a friend).

The day of the event, Rachel delivered above and beyond. She didn't let on to any of the guests what was going on, played the subtle roll of my new friend expertly, and charmed the PANTS off of my friends and family (I think about 10 different ppl told me she was their favorrite guest). Not to mention that the 200+ photos that she delivered THE NEXT MORNING (seriously, before we were even awake, I had a dropbox invite in my email) were beyond stunning -- artistic, crisp, capturing all the right moments, bringing me and my now-HUSBAND to tears. WE are not a photogenic people, yet I couldn't love these photos more.

So this ramble (can you tell i'm not a regular yelper?) is just to say you could not do better than Rachel. She is a professional, reliable, expert photographer with a truly amazing talent for photography and editing, and just an all around exceptional human being. MORE RACHEL TINES PLZ." - Teresa P.